Lingua Franca Publishers is an independent publishing house with focus on educational, entertainment and children’s publications, in a variety of Languages. We are committed to educate, entertain and inspire readers to prepare their own paths for a bright future through learning and the culture of reading.

Educational Publications

Driven by the pursuit of excellence we have over the years grown into one of the preferred providers of learning and teaching support material in South Africa. We develop quality, easy to use and relevant learning and teaching material by partnering with competent authors, that have knowledge in the respective school subject(s).

Lingua Franca Publishers has a variety of learning and support teaching material that are approved by and listed on the National Catalogue of the Department of Basic Education. These approved educational books were developed according to the Curriculum Assessment Policy Standards (CAPS) and used nationwide in schools and libraries. 


Our Offering Includes


Teacher’s Guides




Phonics programmes

Wall charts

Entertainment Publications

We support and promote creativity, free flow of ideas, knowledge and experiences by partnering with both new and established authors, to create authentic and powerful works across a variety of genres

Children's Publications

Lingua Franca publishers inspired by the quote: “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader” by Margaret Fuller, supports and promotes the culture of reading amongst children. We believe that leaders are groomed from an early age, the sooner children learn how to read, the more books, knowledge and ideas they are exposed to.

Early learning and reading is said to improve a child’s education, self-confidence, independence, well-being, mental health as well to improve social and cognitive development. We publish a variety range of children’s books and other reading and learning material for children