Isaac Saki Shabangu

Isaac was a distinguished leader with more than 35 years of leadership
experience in the publishing sector. He was hailed as an inspirational figure and a
change agent at the forefront of transformation in the South African education sector.
Isaac was passionate about education; he believed that education is a powerful weapon
to alleviate poverty as well as to improve the future of our children.

Isaac wrote more than 30 publications, some of which have been approved
by the Department of Basic Education and used by learners and teachers nationwide,
under the auspices of the OBE, NCS, NCRS and CAPS curricula. Amongst the numerouspublications, is the prominent and nationally prescribed (formerly) literature, MadibaThe Folk Hero – The turn of tide which was prescribed in 2007, for English First
Additional Language subject in grade 11.

Isaac established Lingua Franca Publishers in 1993, at the brink of South Africa’s
transition to democracy. His core mandate, and as the legacy continues, was to be a
change agent in the publishing sector through the promotion and inclusion of
indigenous languages, racial, social and cultural diversity. Under his leadership and
business acumen, the company has grown over the years to be one of the leading
developers of learning and teaching support material (LTSM) in South Africa; many of
which are listed on the national catalogue of the Department of Basic Education and
being used across the country in various schools and libraries.

Isaac was the co-founder and chairman of the African Publishers Association in South
Africa (APA); an association recognised by the Department of Basic Education and the National Library of South Africa.